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Foam Molding Machine For Shoes Sole


Product origin : CHINA

Delivery time : 60 days

Supply capacity : 10PCS/Month

Technical parameters:


Mould clamping force:180Tons

Mould space:550mm*550mm

Daylight between plates:300mm

Layer number:2

Heating way:steam,oil or electycity


Machine design:Wall beam composite frame seructure.

Note:The size and color can be customized.

Usages:1,EVA or PVC foaming shoes sole.

2,EVA franule press moulding.


1, The structure design of the wallboard type composite frame has good structural rigidity and small deformation

2, the configuration of the rapid mold cylinder, mold fast. Reduce auxiliary time

3, using PC and PLC. Controller. The operating procedure is set according to the process requirements and run automatically.

4, heating plate using electric heating mode, the temperature is controlled by PID, the temperature distribution is more uniform

5, the hydraulic control logic circuit, compact system, piping, leakage is not easy to keep the pressure stable.

6, the establishment of visual security doors, process operation, in the closed space into the work, to ensure personnel safety.

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