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Classification and maintenance of foam molding machine

Classification and maintenance of foam molding machine

The foam molding machine is a molding machine used for foam molding. So what types of foam molding machines can be divided into? How to maintain the foam molding machine? Let ’s take a look together.

  Classification of foam molding machine

  Foam molding machines are divided into full-automatic foam molding machines and semi-automatic foam molding machines. details as follows:

  Automatic foam forming machine

  1. Using PLC programmable control machinery and touch screen control, it can produce a variety of foam products that are difficult to mold, difficult to release and have high moisture content.

  2. Equipped with a high-pressure feeding system, the mold feeding speed is fast, the material can be sufficient, and 25-36 automatic feeding guns can be installed in the same feeding.

  3. Double-cylinder movement of the product ejection rack, the action is stable, the work is coordinated, and the product ejection will not occur.

  4. The automatic foam molding machine is equipped with a vacuum system to speed up the molding of foam products, shorten the cooling time, and reduce the moisture content of foam videos.

  Semi-automatic foam forming machine

  1. Compact structure, space saving, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, saving manpower and materials, each person operates 2-4 machines at the same time.

  2. The imported hydraulic drive system is used to increase the clamping force and the clamping speed, which makes the molding cycle shorter and more energy efficient.

  3. The imported PLC programmable computer and DOPA human-machine interface touch screen are used to implement the entire control system, which has functions such as complete functions and convenient parameter adjustment. Fully controlled by closed mold, feeding, foaming, mold opening, and gas degassing, and can realize product control in computer production.

foam molding machine

  Maintenance of foam molding machine

  1, check before and after use

  (1) We must check before and after using the foam molding machine. We need o determine whether the equipment can be used normally and whether there are abnormal buzzing sounds.

  (2) Especially for the indicator lights, we must first determine it. If there are some faults, the corresponding indicators will be lit directly, then we can't operate normally, we must check first, make sure the fault is resolved For use.

  (3) Stop the equipment after use, close the related power supply and valves, and do not continue to use or power on to avoid unnecessary problems.

  2, regular simple maintenance

  In fact, the maintenance of the foam molding machine is not very difficult. The staff who use it generally know how to deal with it. For most businesses, it must be implemented in the head. Everyone must carefully operate it and inspect it regularly. Only then can we know what kind of problems have occurred and whether some parts need to be replaced. As long as it is simple to maintain, it can also avoid various problems, extend the service life of the equipment, and ensure our rights and interests.

  The above is an introduction to the classification and maintenance of foam molding machines. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the classification and maintenance of foam molding machines.

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