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EVA shoe sole machine

EVA shoe sole machine

EVA sole

The construction of a business card sole sole is quite complex and, in a broad sense, may include all of the materials that make up the bottom, such as the outsole, the midsole, and the heel. In the narrow sense, it is only the outsole. Generally, the common characteristics of the sole material should be wear-resistant, water-resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, impact-resistant, elastic, easy to fit, and not easily deformed after shaping. Insulation, easy to absorb moisture, etc., but also with the midsole, when the foot is changed, there is a brake function that does not slip and easy to stop and other conditions. There are many kinds of materials for soles, which can be divided into natural base materials and synthetic base materials. Natural base materials include natural bottom leather, bamboo, wood, etc. Synthetic base materials include rubber, plastic, rubber and plastic materials, recycled leather, and elastic cardboard. Table of Contents 1. Outsole Material Synthetic Rubber Classification Rubber Bottom Bottom 2, Midsole PHYLON Midsole PU Midsole Bag Midsole 3, Insole and Integral Sole Insole Integral Sole Sole Resistance Crack Test Ross Deflection Test Bata belt test Bennewart test sole material innovation

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